H1: Reasons Why You Might Need Multiple Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a relatively new tooth replacement option for people who have lost their natural teeth. A dental implant typically consists of three parts:

  • The titanium screw or root −The part that’s screwed into the jawbone
  • The abutment − The part of the implant that’s attached to the titanium root to support the part of the tooth that will be visible
  • The prosthesis −The crown that’s attached to the abutment to complete the implant

Sometimes, multiple dental implants are needed. Factors that can affect the number of implants include:

  • Which jaw will carry the replacement teeth −As the upper jaw is softer than the lower jaw, more effort is required to hold teeth correctly. On the other hand, the lower jaw bone has sensitive nerves running through it.
  • The condition of the jawbone −Taking intoaccount your age and the strength of your bones, your dentist will decide how many dental implants you should have put in. Multiple dental implants are perfectly safe and a good permanent solution for missing teeth.

Below are four of the main reasons why you may need multiple dental implants

H2: You’re Tired of the Routine of Taking Care of Your Dentures

Dentures require a lot of effort to maintain. You need to remove them to rinse yourmouth after eating, handle them with enough care to not bend or break them, and soak them overnight. This can get messy and uncomfortable, plus it also increases the risk of infection. Getting multiple dental implants is a perfect alternative to dentures, making it easier to care for your teeth. While implants also require visits to the dentist for maintenance, this isn’t needed as often as with dentures.

H2: Your TeethAreBroken or Cracked

There’s nothing worse than having constant toothaches from cracked or broken teeth. Unlike other methods of restoring a cracked or broken tooth, such as dental bonding, veneers and crowns, dental implants are stronger, do not affect the other teeth, and inhibit the bone from losing its strength and structure. Implants are also much more durable and eliminate the complications of broken or cracked teeth.

H2: You Feel Insecure About Your Appearance

When teeth are missing, they can cause the face to look gaunt due to the muscles in the face sagging. Thiscanmake aperson look older and more worn out. With multiple dental implants, you can restore the appearance of your face so everything falls into place as normal. The bones don’t lose their form, and your smile and cheeks will maintain their elasticity.

H2: You Want to Prevent Complications of Missing Teeth

People typically don’t feel very comfortable when they lose multipleteeth. But other than comfort, missing teethcan have effects on your dental health. The gum where a tooth was can constrict and cause surrounding teeth to shift to compensate for the change. This in turn can cause jaw pain and neck pain as the shift occurs, and sometimes even decay and gum disease. Multiple dental implants are a quick and permanent solution, acting just like healthy teeth so you can avoid unnecessary pain and complications.