How a Hair Transplant can be Successful

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The procedure of hair transplant has maximum regrowth success as the implanted grafts grow normally and behave naturally. According to global hair transplant market survey stated that 98% hair transplant cases get success due to the viability of the grafts and the availability of the donor hair and all the graft implant will eventually grow to normal hair.

The success of the surgical restoration of hair depends on the surgeon’s skill, precision, and the art of performing the surgery and the last, but not least the recognition of the clinic. However, it is better to choose the clinic and surgeon followed by an in-depth research and concerned surfing. The success in the restoration procedure wholly and solely depends upon the surgeon’s precision and outstanding artistic brain and hand to perform the procedure.

But, it is also a great deciding factor in the hair transplant procedure that what is the status of patient’s own donor hair and how well a surgeon educated and skill to implant the viable graft onto the needed location?  Thus, the best hair transplant in Delhi is on the top demand among the patients both nationally and internationally. As far as the price of the procedure is concerned, the hair transplant cost in Delhi allows a patient to receive the mega benefits of the cosmetic procedure in India. The hair transplant surgery recorded 98% of success in India; therefore clients/patients from all over the world come here to receive the affordable hair transplant surgery under their available budget.

In this article, we are mentioning the Aspects that are needed to make a hair transplant procedure success are as follows: –

  1. The Skills and Precision of the Surgeon:

The hair transplant procedure must be performed by the expert plastic and cosmetic surgeon as he knows the fact and benefits of planning the procedure aesthetically better. It is not just a surgical procedure, but also an artistic planning and judgment that extremely need the surgeon’s skills and artistic hand to give the best aesthetic results of the procedure. The skill required in the procedure is related to the painting and sculpture because the slit creating, hairline making design and implantation is all about the artistic concern of the surgery and the surgeon must be a perfectionist in order to offer the best outcomes of the procedure.

  1. The Availability of the Donor Hair:

To perform the hair transplant surgery, it is needed to have the sufficient donor area to extract the hair roots. Usually, the back and sides of the scalp are used to extract the hair roots as it is the DHT-resistant zone that has resisted towards the hair loss and thus performing the procedure with the extraction of these hair roots gives permanent result. However, it is mandatory to receive the procedure that the donor area is in a stable and healthy position in order to extract the hair roots. The hair transplant patients must have a healthy donor area in order to receive a successful hair restoration surgery.

  1. The placement of viable Grafts:

The placement of viable grafts is important to get a success in the procedure. After the dissection process in a FUT hair transplant, the separated grafts are keeping into the saline water in order to avoid the chances of unwanted desiccation and damage until the implantation. It is a matter of consideration and prime concern always that only the viable grafts should be placed that will eventually grow to normal hair.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a sophisticated kind of plastic and cosmetic surgery that extremely requires the artistic precision and surgical understanding in order to get the best natural results of the procedure.