How to Eat  Healthy On a Budget 

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Why does it cost so much to be healthy? You can go grab a burger and some fries off a fast food chain’s dollar menu but will spend $5 or more on a salad which won’t even fill you up? It almost seems like you’ve been set up for failure. Obviously, when money is a factor affordability always wins, but in the end, your health suffers. So, is there a way to eat healthy without sending yourself to the poor house? The answer is yes.

Build a Stockpile

When you have a food stockpile it reduces the number of times you need to go to the grocery store. You can build your stockpile over time by purchasing healthy items you find on sale in large quantities until you’ve stored enough of them. However, that method could take a while. Another option to build a stockpile would be to take a few hundred bucks and buy several quantities of things you need. You can apply for monthly installment loans to get the cash you need to take the big shopping trip and then pay it back over the next few months so you don’t have to move things in your personal budget around.

Reduce Your Meat Intake

Though protein is a necessity and it is found in larger quantities in meat, it’s not the only way to get your daily dose. As meat often takes a huge chunk out of your grocery bill, you can start reducing how much meat you purchase. Instead, you can buy fruits, veggies, nuts, eggs, and seeds which are a lot more affordable.

Shop Local

Going to major grocery store chains may be what you’re used to, but the real deals are at the local stores and farmers markets. Since the products are grown and transported locally, a lot of the costs that are passed down to customers from other stores aren’t an issue from local vendors. The items are also a lot fresher, have fewer hormones, and are better for you.

Grow Your Own

Gardening does require time, dedication, and some skill, but it’s not as hard as you might think. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that are low-maintenance and easy to grow. The larger of a variety you have, the less you need to buy these things from the grocery store.

Take Advantage of Deals

No matter what you’re trying to purchase there’s always a way to get a deal on it. There are apps you can download that will let you compare the prices of food from the top grocery stores in your area. You can also sign up for store discount cards and check your weekend newspapers for coupons. Finding stores who offer double and triple coupon values would also increase your savings.

There’s no denying that healthy foods tend to cost way more than the unhealthier options. It’s easy to fall into the trap of consuming things that aren’t good for you just because it’s cheaper, but it only hurts you and your family in the long run. The above-mentioned strategies will help you purchase better foods without breaking the bank.