Three Ways to be Happy with a Nose Job

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Before having reconstruction surgery, ensure that you start by finding an experienced plastic surgeon. Although, you should know that finding an excellent facial plastic surgeon can be somewhat challenging and easier said then done. And like anyone seriously thinking about undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, you need to know that you’re placing yourself in the most experienced and skilled hands, but how do you know where to look?

The information provided below is designed to help you learn more about why most people consider nose reconstruction surgery, what training and professional qualities to look for in a surgeon, and what to expect during the consultation.

  1. Know Why You Want a Nose Job

Nose reconstruction surgery is administered for a number of different reasons. Although the most popular is for Aesthetic purposes; ultimately, some feel self-conscious about their nose fearing that it makes them look unattractive.

There are also health or medical reasons for having nose reconstruction surgery. Degenerative conditions, deformities from birth, medical respiratory conditions and traumatic accidents are all considered medical reasons for nose reconstruction. In all of these cases, rhinoplasty is used to correct the shape and look of the nose, as well as to help the individual to sleep and breathe properly.

Whether the reason is for aesthetic or medical purposes, nose reconstruction is a surgical procedure, and you need to consult with an expert to go over your situation thoroughly and understand the options that are best suited for you. After surgery, breathing will be easier and the nose will have a more eye-appealing appearance that better compliments the face.

  1. Find an Experienced Surgeon

ENT doctors, like Dr Alan Evans, in Australia for example, who routinely practice with importance on reconstructive and facial plastic surgery, are generally well-trained on nasal anatomy. These type of surgeons are known to be experts in the field of functional and cosmetic nasal surgery.

Surgeons such as Dr Evans are excellent choices for nose reconstruction surgery due to the fact that they’ve gone through extensive training in reconstructive and aesthetic facial surgery. Before you schedule a consultation with any plastic surgeon, do some research and learn how much experience a prospective surgeon has, how many rhinoplasty surgeries they’ve administered and how often they perform them.

  1. Learn During Consultation

ALL qualified plastic surgeons will require a consultation to meet with you and go over your nose reconstruction journey. During the consultation, a plastic surgeon, will conduct a thorough examination and provide expert medical advice, but they will also offer vital information about the procedure, benefits, risks, and the possible outcomes. For your consultation, have your questions and concerns ready to ask, so your well-informed about what to expect from surgery. Your surgeon should ensure that you are aware of all available options based on your case and not withhold any information or try to persuade you on one procedure over another.